The White Mansion is the Unseelie King's house that he made for his mistress.

Description Edit

Has marble floors of different colors (Bronze, Gold, Mint, Iridescent, Pink, Silver, Yellow, Lavender, Crimson, Rose, and Black in the Unseelie King's wing where people are over come with lust and illusion) gardens, tons of windows, thousands of rooms. In the book Iced, Christian tells Dani that it is believed that the mansion is continuously growing. The walls are alabaster, making it to bright to look at when the sun shines on it. The outside can also reflect the color of the marble on the inside. There are many tiered structures, many fountains, and it is always changing.

When someone visits and they leave and visit again, the places they visited will have changed, even entire sections of the mansion can change.

History Edit

The white mansion was originally made by the king for his concubine after he made the Silvers. When he made the silvers, the queen discovered what he made, and he had to give a portion to her and told her it was a gift he made for her. He kept a smaller portion of the silvers for his concubine. To make up for this, he made the white mansion to give her access to the Silvers only through mirrors that hung in his private chambers.

However, the Silvers were cursed, and became unstable. But the Silvers in the White Mansion were the least affected by the curse, and the one in the Unseelie King's bedchamber wasn't affected at all.

Darroc put a silver in an all white room. Dani and Christian go to research the Frost monster, and Dani accidentally lets the Crimson Hag go.