8 men led by Barrons, who all seem to have the same immortal and powerful characteristics.

Appearance and Characteristics Edit

The Nine are all large, powerful, animalistic men. Some are scarred and tattooed. They are all immortal and have the ability to resurrect themselves when they die. Barrons has the ability to transform into a large, cat/dragon-like beast. The others are assumed to have similar capabilities as well.

The only confirmed way for them to die and stay dead is for them to have their life essence taken away by K'vruck.

Members Edit

Jericho Barrons Edit

Leader of The Nine. Ryodan states that he made the rules that they live by. Seems to be the strongest, physically, among all of them. He collects OOPS, weapons, and owns a bookstore. He has a son who was tortured to the point of insanity before Barrons could reach him. He is the same creature as The Nine. The boy is kept in a cage in the basement of the bookstore. He is in love with Mac and is willing to go beyond rules to keep her safe by his side.

Ryodan Edit

Second to Barrons. He appears to be one of the mentally strongest of The Nine. Loves order and control. Detail-oriented. Has a sense of humor and likes to crack jokes at times. Uses cliche phrases and sayings. Runs Chester's and seems to be the boss of the other 6. Has lots of high-tech gear. Wears a silver cuff identical to Barrons' that can be used to track him. Hires Dani O'Malley to work for him.

Lor Edit

Physically large and intimidating but seems somewhat dimwitted. Quick to get angry. Likes blonde women. Has the ability to command Fade and Kasteo. Often gets charged by Ryodan with watching over Dani. Eventually builds a bond with her, similar to that of a sibling. He likes to stir things up sometimes and will find ways around Ryodan's rules.

Fade Edit

Obedient. Often sent on errands. Seems to take some kind of medication. It is unclear what for but it may have to do with violent/angry outbursts.

Kasteo Edit

Has been silent for over a thousand years after person he loved was killed at the hands of the other 8 in order to maintain their secrecy. She was killed against his will and he seems to carry grief over it still. There are times he regards Mac with a strange look, perhaps because she is allowed to live where his lover was not.