Dani O'Malley's close friend and confidant. He is 17 years old and incredibly smart. He was separated from his family after the walls crashed and was left on his own in Dublin. He has multiple booby-trapped hideouts and sanctuaries for Dani and himself, many with electricity and running water from generators that he hooked up. He has created many weapons, such as the Shade flash grenade and the Papa Roach spray.

History Edit

He came to Dublin looking for a grad school to attend, contemplating Trinity College's Physics Department. Having graduated from college already and being homeschooled his whole life, he is educated in many topics, including languages, health, and science. His parents were rich humanitarian folks. They travelled to Australia and while they and Dancer were separated, the walls crashed and contact between them was lost.

He is first introduced in Shadowfever when Mac teases Dani about her relationship with him, but seems to have been Dani's friend before then.

Appearance and Characteristics/Abilities Edit

In Iced, Dani described Dancer as “Lanky and lean…His hair is dark with some wave… I like it to his chin as it is now, falling away from his face…When he wears his glasses, […] he looks like a hunky geek. His eyes aren’t green or blue, they’re aqua, like they’re Fae-brushed. He’s got better eyelashes than me.” (Iced, Ch 12)

Only his intellectual abilities have been explored thus far, although it is hinted at that he is not all that he seems. When Kat uses her emotional empathy on him, she says that he is “a young, good-looking boy with glasses for whom Dani is the sun, moon, and stars… But harbors secrets so dark and deep that even my gifts cannot reach them.” (Iced, Ch 38)

He is good at adapting and thinking on the spot. He does not appear to fear Ryodan or Christian, rather he treats them like they are a nuisance.

In Christian's words, “the kid gives [Ryodan] a look. I think, what the fuck gives a kid this young the balls it takes to snarl at me and give dickhead a look like that?” (Iced, Ch 15)

In a dialogue between the three of them, Ryodan is trying to invalidate Dancer's ability to protect Dani. Ryodan says "I sauntered right into your place and took her from you" and Dancer retorts with "I wasn’t there at the time. Or you wouldn’t have." It is unclear if this casual threat holds any accountability, but Dancer is also unaffected when Ryodan claims that he could have killed him. (Iced, Ch 16)

He has the uncanny ability to show up when Dani is hurt or when Dani is searching for him. Dani describes the two of them as magnets, able to find one another easily.

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Quotes Edit

"Dancer's... Well, Dancer. He's my safety zone. There's no pressure here. It's just two kids in a fecked-up world." -Dani, Iced, Ch 5

"'I'll do whatever I need to do to save her life. You. Bloody. Idiots.'" -Dancer, to Ryodan and Christian, Iced, Ch 15

"Dancer impresses the feck out of me... He doesn't shake testosterone off his skin like a wet dog. He doesn't turn into a stupid bull, throwing his horns around. He just takes care of himself." -Dani, Iced, Ch 16.