The Crimson Hag is an Unseelie that was accidentally released by Dani O'Malley from The White Mansion. She collects guts and hunts immortal beings.

Appearance and Characteristics Edit

“Bloody, matted hair frames an ice-white face with black holes for eyes. She licks crimson fangs…Her upper body is voluptuous and encased in a corset of bone and sinew. A tattered, incomplete crimson gown streams behind her… Her unfinished gown is made of guts.” Iced, Ch 30

“The bony needles she used are actually her legs, which bend weirdly, sort of like a praying mantis’ front legs, and have curved hooks on the ends.” Iced, Ch 31

She uses bones and guts to form her dress and she prefers immortal beings to prey on, such as the Unseelie princes and The Nine. When knitting her dress together, she becomes preoccupied and distracted.

Her speed and long, needle-like legs make it difficult to strike her down. She was powerful enough to kill 2 of The Nine at once.

History Edit

The Crimson Hag was deemed so dangerous that she was imprisoned by the Unseelie King in a bottle that Dani found in The White Mansion. Prior to being captured, she allegedly has captured two of the Unseelie princes and tried to breed with them in addition to using their immortal guts and bones to complete her dress.