Barrons Books and Baubles, aka BB&B, is owned by Jericho Barrons. It is an old world bookstore that is much larger inside than on the outside for some reason. It includes living quarters at the back of the store.

History Edit

One known employee is Fiona who is the cashier at the beginni


ng of the story.

Appearance Edit

In the first book, BB&B is a four stories tall, brick building, though it gains a story later on. The first-floor has a facade of dark cherry and brass. Pillars frame the alcove entrance. The cherry wood door has stained-glass sidelights with a matching transom. There are bells above the door that jingle to alert employees of the customer. The store's sign hangs by a brass pole from shingle so that it hangs over the sidewalk. The windows are tinted green and one has an Open sign.

The book store has large exterior lights to keep Fae Shades away, in addition to the strong wards around the building to keep the stronger Fae from entering.

The garage is located behind the store, it is where Barrons keeps his cars. It is one-story and warehouse like building with glass-block windows that are painted black. At night, floodlights illuminate around the garage and back up the alley from the store to the garage. The inside includes polished concrete floors, poured concrete walls, and steel beams and girders. There is a single retractable dock door.

The store's appearance is based off of the Livraria Lello Bookstore in Porto, Portugal.