Female, deceased, older sister to MacKayla Lane. At twenty-four went to Dublin to study at Trinity College and discovered she was a sidhe-seer. Became lovers with the Lord Master, also known as Darroc, an ex-Fae stripped of his immortality by Queen Aobheal for attempting to overthrow her reign. Alina was killed by Rowena, who magically forced Dani O’Malley to trap her in an alley with a pair of deadly Unseelie.

-Moning, Burned

History Edit

Was born in Ireland, but was adopted at age three and brought to Ashford, Georgia in the United States. Alina went to Dublin to attend Trinity College, was a student at the college at the time of her murder. After she arrives in Dublin she discovers she is a Sidhe-seer. She also meets a man who is really Darroc, a fae, and falls in love with him until she finds out that he is fae. She goes to the library to find a copy of translated text of Sinsar Dinh and runs into Christian Mackelter who recognizes she is a Sidhe-seer. She leaves panicked voice mail for Mac the day of her death. According to her professors Alina first began school, she was attentive and never absent. However, as time went on , she became distracted and acted secretive. She had lost weight and looked exhausted.

Appearance and Characteristics/ Abilities Edit

She was a Sidhe-seer meaning she could see the Fae, as well as through fae glamour. She could also touch and freeze a fae for a few seconds.

She is described to have long blond hair, a mole high on her left cheek, freckles, a tiny scar on her lower lip and green eyes flecked with gold. Her laugh was said to be sweet, pure, and filled with sunshine. She often wore sterling heart earrings that Mac had given her.

Alina was very intelligent, dedicated to her schooling, she is said to be very stubborn and certain.

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